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PINESTAND was started by a couple of Earth scientists who wanted a smarter way to live more sustainably.

A bridge between producers and consumers

The PINESTAND family of applications will enable producers to estimate the environmental impacts of their products, have those impacts verified by PINESTAND auditors, and advertise low impacts to consumers through labels and a searchable database. It will encourage and enable consumers to discover and compare the environmental impacts of food products.

What does using PINESTAND look like?

We believe that consumers will use PINESTAND primarily when they are 1) actively shopping in a store, 2) actively shopping online, 3) preparing to shop by making a list, 4) thinking about meals or recipes, and 5) just curious about the impacts of different foods.

Ready to get started?

PINESTAND is looking for food producers and restaurants to partner with us as beta testers.

Discover your organization’s impact on climate, water, nutrient pollution, land use, and photosynthesis consumption, and find out if your environmental sustainability could be a competitive advantage.

Help us refine a discovery and reporting system that fits your needs!

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